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Challenge Competition Format

For additional information on the Challenge, please contact Leroy Kinlaw at (904) 669-6440.

1. The SLFS Redfish Challenge competition will be comprised of three days of points fishing of your choice, and on days 4 and 5 for Sudden Death and Championship round selected by the Salt Life Redfish Challenge Board (SLFSRCB). For a total of 5 days of fishing. The first three days of competition fishing will take place during the months of March 1 – May 31. Anglers must declare each chosen fishing day 12 hours prior to the start of their selected day to a member of the “SLFSRCB.

2. Entry Fee: $150.00 per angler and the Championship (TWT) will be announced in the angler’s meeting.

3. Redfish Challenge Meetings: All anglers are required to attend scheduled meetings as set forth by the Salt Life Redfish Challenge Board (SLFSRCB).

4. Award Payouts: Payouts will be one place for every five entries. Up to and no more than ten places. Entry Fee received less ten percent, will go to the Championship Round only. There will be additional prizes for daily winners donated by sponsors.

5. Round 1. Competition Round: This round will be comprised of three days of competition fishing. All legal slot limit Redfish caught per angler will equal 1 point per pound within the three-day time period (maximum two redfish per day).

6. Round 2. Sudden Death Round: The SLFSRCB will select the weekend when the Sudden Death and Championship Rounds will take place. All redfish caught on the “Sudden Death Round” (day 4 of fishing) will be worth 1.5 points per pound (maximum 2 redfish per day). At the end of the “Sudden Death Round” only the top 10 anglers with the highest points will compete in the Championship Round.

7. Round 3. Championship Round: All points awarded to the anglers prior to the “Championship Round” (day 5 of fishing) will no longer count towards the Championship Round. The angler with the highest weight of redfish (maximum two redfish) on the day of the competition will be declared the champion.

2019 Rules and Regulations

Participant Waiver and Hold Harmless Form

Challenge Sponsors

Salt Life Food Shack